Would you like to learn more about programming in partnership with skilled Indian students? Or perhaps gain valuable experiences of healthcare work in other countries? As a Linnaeus-Palme exchange student you can exchange knowledge with other parts of the world, regardless of subject.

Linnaeus-Palme is an exchange programme in which Swedish universities cooperate with universities in developing countries. Students have the opportunity to study from 10 to 40 weeks in the partner country as an integrated part of the programme they're studying in Sweden.

What does Linnaeus-Palme entail for students?

A Linnaeus-Palme exchange provides you with international experience and education that results in a qualification. You'll broaden your competence by accessing other knowledge, experience, traditions and problem-solving methods. You'll meet teachers and students in the same subject, but with an entirely different cultural background and academic tradition. It also provides you with the opportunity to share your own knowledge and to make contacts: a mutual exchange.

The exchange is part of your degree and the overseas studies must therefore have the credits transferred on your return to Sweden. The duration of the overseas stay is at least 10 weeks and at most 40 weeks, and you receive a grant based on the length of the exchange.

What are the application requirements?

To be able to apply for a Linnaeus-Palme exchange you must

  • be registered at a department that has a current Linnaeus-Palme project
  • have completed at least one year of university studies before departure
  • be a Swedish citizen or have permanent residency in Sweden (students from other Nordic countries, who are not Swedish citizens, must have been registered in Sweden for at least one year prior to departure).

Is my university participating in Linnaeus-Palme?

Many departments at quite a few Swedish universities are participating in Linnaeus-Palme projects. Contact the International Office at your university to find out more.

How do I apply?

You apply through your department. Linnaeus-Palme has one application round each year and the deadline is decided by the department. It's also your department that chooses which students may participate in the exchange. Approach your department to find out more about the conditions of your participation.

Grant amounts

You receive a grant of at least SEK 20,000 for a 10-week exchange. For longer exchanges, up to 40 weeks, an extra contribution per week will be added. Check with your university which opportunities are available and which grant levels apply. The grant is not intended to cover all expenses during the time abroad; it usually needs to be supplemented by other financing for example from CSN (Swedish Board of Student Finance).

Page last updated 2022-01-27